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Bacon Salt is no BS

Yeah, ever since I heard of Bacon Salt, I started thinking "Hmm, this meal would taste better WITH BACON!" So I finally succumbed and bought the 3-pack on Friday. Imagine my surprise when I got a package MONDAY! Man, they're quick! They stated 1-2 weeks for delivery.

First thing I tried it on? Turkey and Cranberry salad. Sure enough, it adds a yummy bacon flavoring to it. There's no crunch of biting into an actual thick, crisp bit of bacon of course, but for a zero-calorie, zero-fat, vegan, kosher seasoning, it works as advertised.

Each gram contains 150 mg of sodium in it. Just something to keep in mind while baconizing everything. That's right, I just verbalized it. Deal with it.

And now... to find more things to baconize. Bacon deli sandwiches, bacon tomato soup, bacon soda... you hear that Arm & Hammer? I'm gonna trademark bacon soda, and you can't do anything about it!


mmmmmmm bacon :) i just ordered some myself... yay!
Whee! Which did you order?
i figured i'd follow in your footsteps and get a 3 pack.. one of each... bacon's the best thing that ever happened to pig!
Have you tried it on bacon?
That's just crazy talk, man!
oh my god that just blows my mind.

post script

every word magically made into a verb sounds official and just plain better with a "z" in it.
Did you see their shirts???
Asian even
Shawn and I are curious, but not $13+ curious.
I can't believe I don't own any bacon salt. I must go buy some NOW NOW NOW!

hmm.. maybe I'm hungry.